Type wire
Rarity Common
Tooltip A timer. For when you need time to get away.
Sell Value 300 Pixels
Crafted With 1 x Circuit Board
1 x Laser Diode
Crafted At Wiring Station

The Timer is a wire object which sends an active output signal at regular intervals. The Timer has one input and one output. With an inactive (false) input or simply no input, the timer will carry out its normal behaviour of regularly but temporarily setting its output to active (true). With an active input the timer's output will remain active continuously. The frequency of the timer is 1 (one) second (i.e. the timer will cycle from off, to on and back to off again in one second). Connecting a power source will to the timer's input will lock the timer in its current state - i.e. if the timer is emitting an output when the power source is active, it will remain on, and vice versa.

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