Finn Brice, more commonly known as Tiy, "That weird developer who still thinks fedoras are fashionable" or Tiyuri, is the project leader for Starbound at Chucklefish Games.

"Hello guys! Starbound is a project I started with the goal in mind of producing my dream game. I grew up with a C64 and really got into gaming with my Genesis and SNES. Though games have continued to advance in a multitude of ways since the 16bit era, I feel the charm present  in some of the old classics is still unmatched. Starbound is my attempt to capture that charm and combine it with the depth of a modern title. I hope to put a smile on your face once you get your hands on the game. I’m truly thankful to all of those that have supported me."
"Fedoras are awesome"
"I am enlightened by my own incompetence"

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