Toymaker's Table
Item holidaycraftingtable
Type Furniture
Sub-Type Crafting Station
Rarity Uncommon
Tooltip For all your holiday crafting needs!
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 35 x Wood Planks

The Toymaker's Table is an uncommon table, only obtained with a crafting table by crafting 35 wooden planks. It's appearance is quite similar to that of the Robotic Crafting Table. The Toymaker's Table can craft a wide variety of Christmas items. Ex: Christmas trees, stockings, presents, costumes, etc. In order to craft these items, you will need to have 'Holiday Spirits' which are obtained by killing monsters. The Toymaker's Table was released on 12/23/13. Later on 12/23/13 it was updated to have elves on top of the table, rather then having the robotic arms.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 7.01.31 PM

A player with the Toymaker's Table before the elves were implemented.


  • This item was removed as of the Furious Koala Patch along with Holiday Spirit and the items it could make with them.

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