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A Desert tree

Trees are an important resource in Starbound, as they are the most effective way to get Wood, which is needed for many crafting recipes.

There are many different variations of trees, making them look different on each planet.

You can chop down trees with the Matter Manipulator, Pickaxes, or Drills. Do not confuse these tools with weapons, such as the Iron Axe. Tools are used for mining, digging, etc., while Axes are weapons (that only deal damage.)


As of v. Angry Koala, trees now drop a sapling item that can be planted and will grow into new trees. Prior to this update, there was no way regrow trees, making wood and Forest planets very valuable.

An easy way of getting a lot of wood is by traveling to an Arid planet, where there are tall, black trees that give more than 30 Wood.

Giant flowers from the Giant Flower Biome are considered as trees, thus can be replanted and furnish a great ammount of plant fiber.

Learning about TreesEdit

Say there is a certain type of tree you like, but you'd like to know more about it (EG. the wood looks amazing, but the leaves look horrible.) Take your observation tool (Default: N) and click on the tree. Your character tells the (Bark Type , Leaf Type). This can be useful if you think you've found a special type of tree, or if you wish to record what type of trees you'll store where.

NOTE: The description may tell Leaf Type, but doesn't currently tell leaf colour.


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