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Type wire
Rarity Common
Tooltip Turret for your protection! Can only be placed once.
Sell Value 0 Pixels
Crafted With 5 x Platinum Bar
500 x Pixels
1 x Circuit Board
1 x Laser Diode
Crafted At Wiring Station

Turrets are a placeable item useful for automated defense, as well as a wire object with an input and output.


Players can get the Turret after the Starmap Upgrade MK3 (after defeating the Robot) at the 3D Printer at your ship for 1 Pixel. It can also be built at a Wiring Station.
Defense Turret


The Turret shoots enemies after being turned on (interacting with it after it has been deployed). If destroyed by the player, the Turret will drop a Circuit Board and a Laser Diode, both crucial components in a number of wire objects, as well as a few others related to wire objects, including the Turret itself.

Turrets currently do not scale up in power and are near-useless at later stages of the game.

Turrets have one power input and one output. The output will become active (true) if the Turret has acquired a target but will otherwise remain inactive. If the Turret's input is connected to a power source, the turret will go in and out of "sleep mode" depending on if this power source (e.g. proximity sensors, light sensors, control panels etc) is on or off. A turret in "sleep mode" will act as if it has just been placed (i.e. point downward and not acquire targets), but its energy bar will remain visible.

The player should also be wary that the Turret will also target NPCs and even monsters that have been captured. Captured monsters will not take damage but NPCs will.

It is important to note that turrets are only able to fire in the direction it is oriented. To change the orientation in which it is to be placed, you must take a step towards the desired orientation before placement.

Turret may do weak damage, but they can help players avoid damage. Hostile aliens shot by the turret will keep its attention towards it, instead of the player, making it easier to kill or escape from it.


  •  Crafting a turret at the Wiring Station will require multiple resources and 500 Pixels, making the low price of the printing most probably a bug.

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