Tutorial II: Shop Class is the second tutorial quest of the game.

Description Edit

It's time to make a crafting table! I should beam down to the planet and use my matter manipulator to fell trees for wood, then press [C] to open my crafting menu and see what I'll need.

Steps Edit

  • Beam down to the planet by interacting with the teleportation pad, or by pressing the 'Beam Down' button on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Select the Matter Manipulator by using the middle mouse wheel or by pressing [R] on the keyboard.
  • Find a nearby tree and chop it down by clicking on it (and holding down) with the Matter Manipulator equipped.
  • Press [C] or click the Crafting button on the right-hand side (with the wrench) to open the crafting menu.
  • Refine Unrefined Wood into Wood Planks, which will then be used to craft a Wooden Crafting Table.

Completion Text Edit

Great, I can use this crafting table to create lots of items that I can't make with my bare hands.

Rewards Edit

  • 10 Pixels

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