Organization Military/Mercenary Group
Species Humans

"United! Systems! Colonial Marines! We're big! We're tough! And our guns are mean!.... Yeah, never singing that again."

-The player, upon inspecting the USCM logo

The U.S.C.M are a faction of human origin in Starbound.

General InformationEdit

As of the Beta, almost nothing is known about the USCM aside that they are a human military organization that operates remote military bunkers and penal colonies in deep space. It is evident that USCM personnel were being evacuated as all Penal Colonies found in game have been abandoned by USCM Military personnel and are overrun by the former prisoners, however their bunker networks remain manned. The USCM is believed to have existed Galacticaly, but some major event happened to its head of operations to shatter its control of the penal colonies.

All USCM lore was removed in the 1.0 update, along with bunkers. Only their prisons remain. It is presumed that they were destroyed along with the Terrene Protectorate when Earth was attacked by The Ruin. In the Starbound 1.3 mech update ehe player will be deployed into a training course; which is a gigantic abandoned u.s.c.m ship.


USCM Marines wielded modern Weaponry in the form of Assault Rifles, Snipers and even Flamethrowers and employ them to good effect. They wore modern body armor that protects their entire body.


  • USCM is a direct reference to the organization of the same acronym in the movie series Aliens.
  • The name could be a reference to the United Nations Space Command (U.N.S.C) from the popular franchise Halo.
  • The name may also reference the United States Marine Corps (U.S.M.C)


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