USCM Field Handbook is a Starbound codex entry about the Human race, and as such can usually be found in Human bookshelves.

Codex EntryEdit

Upon first contact with the
Floran Brood in [Redacted], the
USCM far underestimated the 
level of aggression, cunning and
savagery the Floran race would
eventually become known for.
During one of the many border
skirmishes with the expansionist
Florans, Commander [Redacted]
of the Sabre-class Battlecruiser
USS [Redacted] attempted to
relieve embattled USCM troops
by covering advancing Floran
forces with thousands of 
gallons of Solution 2,4-D
otherwise know as herbicide.
The effect however, did not 
perform as expected, with the
solution having roughly the 
same poisonous qualities as
alcohol does to a human.
Nevertheless, the move
"distracted" the Florans enough
for the Marines to launch a
counterattack and overwhelm
them, securing the planetside
colony long enough to complete
its emergency evacuation.
The tactic has not seen use 
since, but lives on in history as
the [Redacted] Manoeuvre.

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