Villages are where many NPCs of a certain race reside with different structures, such as houses, markets, etc. Villages can prove to be valuable as players could find loot and lore in shelves, bookshelves, chests, and crates. One can even find diamond ore in chests, though it is quite rare. Villages are also one of the places where players can purchase a variety of items from merchants with Pixels

Village typesEdit


  • Normal villagers: They behave like spawned villagers from the Human spawner, they interact with one another or the player, making emoticons at each others, they sleep in beds and stay indoors at night. When attacked, they call out for guards.
  • Merchants: When players approach them, they'll go to their stand and when interacted, the player could buy certain items, depending on the stand. On food stands, the player could purchase food, and on the weapon stand, players could purchase weapons. Other then that, they behave like normal villagers, interacting with one another occasionally, and staying on their stands as usual.
  • Guards: Guards can be distinguished by seeing NPCs using weapons. The guards in villages seem to vary and stats, unlike the guards spawned by the Guard Spawner. Guards also become suspicious when players carry weapons, and they'll start following them, saying threating lines or lines that should make the player realize that they shouldn't be carrying weapons. In this stage, guards will follow the player, and when the player refuses to carry non-weapon items on hand, they'll attack. This could be quite a pain, as there are many guards in a town, making the town quite deadly, instead of peaceful.


  • Each race spawn villages in their own style, items to buy, and each of them have their own lore.
  • It seems that every Race sells every food, but not every shop sells the whole set of available food.


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