Warmth is a survival stat in Starbound that represents the player's ability to survive in the current climate. A teamperature meter is used to display this status. The meter is only visible if the player is losing warmth and beginning to freeze. 

Measuring WarmthEdit

There is no official way to measure or gauge temperature as of Enraged Koala. However, we can assign values to the relativity of gains and losses of warmth. For instance, some planets get slightly cold at night. You will notice a single green arrow pointing to the left on the thermometer. This means that it is currently cold enough for you to freeze but will happen very slowly. The more green arrows appear, the faster you are freezing. The same can be said for "warming up." These arrows will appear to the right of the bar as you begin to warm up near a heat source such as a Torch, Camp Fire, or Furnace.

Most planets during the daytime will have no effect on your warmth meter. We can call this the "base" temperature because nothing is changing during this state. Determining this, we can then assign values for certain items and conditions based on how they affect the meter relative to the "base" value. This is where it can get complicated, because values have to be demonstrated as positive or negative values relative to the base value. For example, a Torch has a value of +1 warmth, because a single torch will provide enough warmth equal to a single green bar to the right of the meter. Placing more torches in a close proximity to the player will stack this effect. 

Some planets have incredibly cold climates. This can be seen by a large number of green arrows to the left of your warmth meter. Again, the more arrows on a particular side, the faster you are warming or freezing. Because of this, even some warming items will not be enough to bring you out of potential danger. If a planet is extremely cold, you will notice that a torch does not begin to warm you up. You can place several torches and realize that you are only now slightly freezing to death. This is because the planet's climate has a "cold factor" that is much higher than these items' "warm factor." Since the cold factor is much harder to measure due to the wide variety of planets and their differences, it is much easier to measure the warmth factor of qualified items based on how many arrows of warmth they apply. Essentially, the colder the climate, the more warmth you will need. Because every item's warmth effect varies realtive to the player's proximity to that item, numerical values should represent the "center" of the placed item.

Surviving the ColdEdit

There are several ways a player can survive in the cold. The simplest and easiest way to stay warm is to place torches, camp fires, furnaces, etc... around the player to keep warm. Doing this slightly alters the climate around the player, making them unaffected by the global climate's condition. However, extremely cold planets will require more intuitive measures in order to survive.

This gear will greatly increase your odds of surviving the cold:

  • Snow Infantry Gear

Campfires are a good source of warmth.

Heat sourcesEdit