Water infobox
Type Block
Sub-Type Liquid
Placeable Yes
Rarity Common
Tooltip A measure of cool, clear water.
Sell Value 0 Pixels
This item cannot be crafted.
Material In Bottled Water

Water is a special, common block found everywhere except magma biomes. Fish may spawn in large enough bodies of water. Water may be picked up with a sufficiently upgraded Matter Manipulator ( with enough manipulator modules).

The Water can doesn't need any water to work but still can be used for farming but is clearly less efficient than the can.

There are also three other "water" types:

-Swamp Water which is often found in jungle planets

-Poisonous Water which deals you damage whenever you fall into it.

-Healing Water which provides a regeneration buff upon touching it.

On planets with moderate climate you can create a pool when it rains with any space with a non-dirt backwall and a non-dirt floor ( dirt seems to absorb the water) and by covering the hole, you will be able to collect the water afterwards.

Players can create water by shooting with the Water Gun.


- falling into water will prevent fall damage

- swimming makes your hunger drop faster (untested)

Known bugsEdit

-- liquids can be cloned in a similar manner to Terraria by having water fall through gaps between blocks and splitting to either side of the block to fall again (this can be used to clone all other liquids such as Liquid Erchius Fuel )

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