Wiring Tool
Type Tool
Rarity Uncommon
Tooltip Built to place optical wires between input points.
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 1 x Laser Diodes
1 x Circuit Board
10 x Gold Bar
10 x Silver Bar
10 X Copper Bar
20 X Titanium Panel
Crafted At Wiring Station

The Wiring Tool is used to connect active components with optical wires. It also allows the user to see optical wires when it is the currently held tool (they are invisible otherwise).

Placing Optical WiresEdit

To place optical wires select the Wiring Tool. You will create a wire between two components. The first component (such as a Pressure Plate) should output a signal to the second component (such as an Alarm), which will receive that as its input. With the Wiring Tool selected, click within the red circle of the first component and then the purple circle within the second to connect the two. In the example of the pressure plate and alarm, the alarm should light up and blare when someone is standing on the pressure plate. 

Optical wires can be removed by right clicking on the attachment point (either input or output). Doing so will remove all optical wires connected to that point.

Optical wires may not be placeable over long distances or may disappear after a short time if stretched over long distances.

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