Wooden Crafting Table
Wooden crafting table
Type Furniture
Sub-Type Crafting Station
Placeable Yes
Rarity Uncommon
Tooltip I can use this to craft things I couldn't make with just my bare hands!
Sell Value 0 Pixels
Crafted With Makes 1
35 x Wood Planks
Crafted At Anywhere

The Wooden Crafting Table is a crafting station used to create new items, including tools and other workstations. To access the crafting table's window to craft, middle-click or press 'E' with the cursor over the table after placing it nearby.

As the player explores, they are able to discover new blueprints to be crafted at the crafting table. Later in the game, the wooden crafting table can be replaced with an Iron Crafting Table and, later on, with a Robotic Crafting Table, once Dreadwing has been defeated for its quest, and its Processor reward.

Players can stand and place objects on top of the crafting table.


as of the new update, there is no longer the Wooden Crafting Table, it is now replaced by the Inventors Table and so are its upgrades

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